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I use photography as a means to document my love for the outdoors; from hiking the Arkansas Ozarks, to hiking all over the United States.  My goal is to create pictures that will inspire people to become more adventurous, as well as showcase the beauty I am blessed to encounter – from sweeping vistas to sprawling deserts. I also believe that education and hands-on learning experiences are invaluable in nurturing creativity and enhancing technical skills, which is why I have also dedicated myself to teaching photography workshops. 

My workshops are designed for passionate adventurers and photography enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills while immersed in breathtaking landscapes. As an experienced and passionate photographer with a deep love for adventure and landscapes, I bring a unique blend of expertise and personal insight to every workshop. With years of capturing nature’s wonders and honing my craft, I offer participants more than just photography lessons; I provide an immersive experience that combines technical know-how with the artistry of storytelling through stunning visuals.

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Photography Workshops

I have had the privilege of visiting some of the most breathtaking locations and through my photographs, I aim to inspire others to appreciate and conserve the natural wonders that surround us. I also believe that education and hands-on learning experiences are invaluable in nurturing creativity and enhancing technical skills, which is why I have also dedicated myself to teaching photography workshops. 

The primary objective of my workshops is to provide you with tools, techniques, and inspiration to improve your craft. My focus is to create an all-immersive learning environment that fosters growth and creativity by offering a variety of instructional services in a real world setting. In my workshops, you will gain a deeper understanding of composition, lighting, post-processing, and storytelling, enabling you to capture captivating images that resonate with viewers. Through discussions and practical exercises, my workshops will encourage you to express your own creativity while developing your own visual language.  

The participants of my workshops come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from beginners to enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills. These workshops also serve as a platform for building a supportive community of like-minded individuals who inspire and support each other even beyond the workshop sessions.

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Downtown Holiday Lights Photo Walk
Private Lessons photography workshop


Lost Valley Waterfall tour
Wildflowers of San Juans Photography Workshop
Beginner Milky Way photography Workshop Buffalo River
Chasing Central Oklahoma Light Photography Workshop
San Juans Fall Color Tour Photography Tour

A print voucher to Steam Art & Graphics will be given to all participants, redeemable for a 12×18 print of your favorite capture from the workshops!

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Fayetteville Public Library – Holiday Lights Long Exposure Photo Walk – 6 PM – December 7, 2023

Conway Photography Club – My Waterfall Journey – January 2024


Arkansas Women Photographers – Keynote Speaker – September 2022

Mid America Photography Symposium – Intro To Astro Presentation, Lead Nature Walk Workshop – May 2023

Arkansas Dark Sky Festival – Astrolandscape Workshop – 9 PM – September 16, 2023

Fayetteville Public LibraryAstrophotography & Light Pollution Presentation – 6 PM – September 19, 2023

Arkansas Outdoor Photography Club – Intro To Astro Presentation – October 19, 2023

Award Winning Images

Prepare to be transported to breathtaking places and awe-inspiring natural wonders through my collection of award winning images. Each image in this gallery is a testament to my dedication to capturing the unparalleled beauty of nature.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of visuals —a kaleidoscope of terrains, seasons, and atmospheres. Whether it’s the rugged charm of untamed wilderness, the tranquility of a cascading waterfall, or the ethereal beauty of a star-studded night sky, my images aim to evoke emotions and stir a sense of wonder within you.

Behind every image lies meticulous planning, patience, and an unwavering dedication to capturing the perfect moment. I blend technical expertise with an innate passion for the outdoors, enabling me to portray landscapes in their most captivating light.

My award winning images are more than just photographs; it’s a visual narrative that celebrates the boundless splendor of our planet. My passion for photography goes beyond the lens. Each image is a testament to my commitment to preserving the splendor of our planet’s most breathtaking locations. With every click, I seek to evoke emotions and inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us.

Middle of Nimrod Grand Prize Winner Farm Credit of Western Arkansas award winning image
“Middle of Nimrod” – Grand Prize Winner – Farm Credit of Western Arkansas
Firefall First Place Country Magazine
“Firefall” – First Place – Country Magazine
A Night of Dune Second Place Bedford Camera & Video
A Night of Dune – 2nd Place – Bedford Camera & Video
Darwin Falls Honorable Mention ND Awards award winning images
“Darwin Falls” – 2019 Professional Nature Landscapes Honorable Mention – ND Awards
Tall Peak Heavens Honorable Mention Country Magazine
“Tall Peak Heavens” – Honorable Mention – Country Magazine
Meteor over Reynolds Pond

My Why

My obsession with the night sky started with my Papaw and one shooting star. We spent many evenings of my childhood on the front porch swing stargazing. He would always see a shooting star, and I would always miss it. I never saw a meteor until the night he passed away and that one flying fireball would forever change the trajectory of my life. Every night I go out to capture the stars I see a shooting star now, and I know it is my Papaw telling me I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I want everyone to be able to experience the magic of watching a meteor fall across the sky, but sadly, over one-third of humanity cannot even see the stars. Not only are dark night skies essential to the rhythms of life on our planet, but stargazing has also been proven to ease our minds and make us more compassionate towards others, which we can all agree, we need more compassion in today’s society.

This is why light pollution is such an important topic to me. Light Pollution not only affects us and our ability to see the night sky, but it also affects wildlife. One of my goals is to bring awareness that light pollution that is slowly causing our dark skies to fade away.   It is a topic that is rarely discussed when it comes to our health, and is greatly affecting us and nature and is a form of pollution that is grossly ignored by most people. 

why is Light Pollution such an important topic?

According to National Geographic, “light pollution is affecting human health, wildlife behavior, and our ability to observe stars and other celestial objects….Artificial light can wreak havoc on natural body rhythms in both humans and animals. Nocturnal light interrupts sleep and confuses the circadian rhythm in nearly all living organisms. One of these processes is the production of the hormone melatonin, which is released when it is dark and is inhibited when there is light present. An increased amount of light at night lowers melatonin production, which results in sleep deprivation, fatigue, headaches, stress, anxiety, and other health problems. Recent studies also show a connection between reduced melatonin levels and cancer. In fact, new scientific discoveries about the health effects of artificial light have convinced the American Medical Association (AMA) to support efforts to control light pollution and conduct research on the potential risks of exposure to light at night.”  

There are only a few states in the country that actually have true dark skies.  I want to advocate to not only my home state of Arkansas, but also to the surrounding states, the dangers of light pollution to us and animals, offer lighting options that would drastically cut down the pollution and energy waste, and preserve the beauty and awe of our night skies. 

how you can help

Please take some time to read the material below provided by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) and see how you can help out. Besides just changing your home lighting, there are other ways to advocate for light pollution.

Check out the International Dark Sky Association website for more ways to help or you can join my Patreon page.

  • Protect The Night
  • Light Pollution Hurts Planet
  • Light Pollution and Your Health
  • Humans Need Light Cycles
  • Light Pollution Harms Wildlife
  • Light Disrupts Ecosystems
  • Outdoor Lighting and Safety
  • Brighter is not Safer - My why advocacy
Protect The Night - My Why Advocacy


Photo Credentials: Jobe Mclarty & Brennen Duffield

I was born on Earth Day and raised in Northwest Arkansas, graduating from Farmington High School in 2003.   I then moved to Conway to attend UCA for Graphic Design and Photography with a minor in marketing.  Once I graduated in 2008 I began working in the construction, and later on the commercial services industries.  After a decade of being in high paced environments, I decided to pursue my passion of photography and mix it with my love for the outdoors.  Now living back in Northwest Arkansas, I am conveniently located to the Natural State’s hidden gems and my favorite subjects, waterfalls. I also recently became an Ambassador in 2021 for Arkansas Tourism and love showing off what our state has to offer. As wonderful as our state is, I also enjoy exploring hidden nooks and crannies of our diverse country while documenting the night skies along the way.