Photo Workshops

Scheduled Workshops

Saturday, June 19th

7-9 PM

Northwest Arkansas (RSVP below for exact location)


In the 2-Hour Workshop you will learn:
💥 Photography basics such as the Exposure Triangle, Metering and White Balance
💥 How to shoot in Manual Mode
💥 How to achieve silky waterfalls with Long Exposure techniques
💥 How to bracket for HDR
💥 Focus Stacking
And much more!

You will need to bring a dslr camera, lens, tripod, and an nd filter (for waterfall portion)


Saturday, July 31st

9 PM – Midnight

In the 3-Hour Workshop you will learn:
💥 Advanced Astrolandscape Techniques
💥 Blue Hour Blending
💥 Low Level Lighting
💥 Image Stacking vs. Single Shots
💥 Night Foreground Long Exposures for Blending
You will need to bring a dslr camera, wide angle lens that can open up to f/2.8, tripod, and an intervalometer for stacking (not necessary, but handy)
this will be an adventurous night so camping is encouraged. bring coffee and snacks as well.


Please fill out the form below to save your spot in the workshop.
space is limited to ensure one-on-one time with each person.
all skill levels welcome.

If you have any questions concerning the workshop, please email me directly at