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Are you traveling to a new US location and don’t know where to start researching for cool Points of Interest, landmarks, or the best scenery?  Don’t fret!  That’s where I come in.  Let me be your adventure agent and handle the stress of planning for you.  I am here to ensure every step of your journey is seamless, stress-free, and utterly extraordinary!

From primitive getaways to thrilling city breaks, I’ve got you covered.  Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking exhilarating escapades or a family looking for a relaxing retreat, I will curate the perfect itinerary tailored just for you.  Sit back, relax, and let me handle all the planning.  I’ll take care of suggesting must-visit attractions and hidden gems around your chosen destination, finding top-notch accommodations to even the most primitive camping spots (based on your comfort level), filing parking and hiking pass paperwork, create a personalized photography packing list based on your chosen locations, and even photography planning maps to help you find the best composition.

 What sets me apart?  It’s my commitment to personalized service and attention to detail (aka my OCD and love of studying maps ).  I take the time to understand your unique preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your trip is precisely tailored to your venturesome or photographic desires.  I have traversed 35 states, hiked almost 1300 miles, to over 450 waterfalls, explored 97 National Parks, State Parks, and National Forests, scoured our diverse landscapes for the best views and I can’t wait to share my findings with you!

There are 3 packages to choose from:  Basic, Enhanced, and Extreme Pro, as well as Private Adventure Guiding Services.

The Basic Package will get you a list of landmarks, points of interests, parks, hidden gems, and scenic routes (with photos attached so you can decide if it’s worth visiting), enough to fill up every day of your vacation with adventure.  You will also receive a copy of the daily celestial times like twilight, blue hour, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, etc. to best help you route and plan your trip.

The Enhanced Package comes with a list of landmarks, points of interests, parks, hidden gems, and scenic routes, enough to fill up every day with adventure, as well.  It will be scheduled in the most efficient and scenic route from your “home base” for each day, and will have the exact celestial times for each location, ensuring you will never miss the perfect moment.

The Extreme Pro Package comes with the same scheduled and routed list of landmarks, points of interests, parks, hidden gems and scenic routes as the Enhanced Package, but you will also receive a list of lodging locations based on your comfort level, Photography planner maps to show you where to stand for the best composition and alignment for certain astrological and celestial events, information on permits needed, all parking or hiking pass paperwork filed*, and a detailed photography packing list so you have every piece of gear needed to capture the perfect light.

You can also choose to have me accompany you as a Private Adventure Guide every day of your trip, helping book your lodging, leading to the right destinations at the right time, aiding you in choosing the best camera lenses, angles, and composition for the scene, filing all the necessary passes and permit paperwork*, assisting your travel to and from the destination, and planning your entire journey so all you have to do is show up with your camera gear ready for an adventure!

*I cannot guarantee permits or passes, solely based on accessibility alone.  It is possible that permits or passes for the time you are wanting to travel could be sold out or unavailable due to force majeure.  Some permits require a lottery system to “win” access and I cannot guarantee your name will be drawn.



Planning will need to commence at least 90 days in advance to help ensure the best options for lodging and permitting.

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