Dreamscapes By Brennen – HDR Glow Preset


Introducing the first in my upcoming collection, Dreamscapes By Brennen – the HDR Glow Preset for Landscape Photography – the ultimate solution to elevate your photography game with just one click!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, my preset is designed to save you time and transform your landscape shots into stunning works of art, ensuring a cohesive and polished gallery every time.

My HDR Glow Preset is meticulously crafted to instantly enhance the dynamic range and luminosity of your landscape photos. With a single click, watch your images come to life, revealing hidden details and vibrant colors that pop.

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of photography. This preset is tailored to simplify your workflow, making the editing process a breeze. Say goodbye to spending hours adjusting sliders and curves – a single click will deliver a professional finish, leaving you with more time behind the lens.

Achieving a consistent and cohesive look across your entire gallery can be a daunting task. HDR Glow is designed to maintain a unified style and mood, ensuring that all your landscape shots fit seamlessly together. Your portfolio will look like it was curated by a seasoned curator.

Whether you use Lightroom Classic or CC, my HDR Glow Preset work seamlessly, offering the same outstanding results. No need to worry about your editing platform; I’ve got you covered.

This preset is specifically designed for landscapes, ensuring that every aspect of your natural wonders is highlighted. From stunning sunsets to serene seascapes, this preset enhances the beauty of Mother Nature.

While one-click editing is incredibly convenient, I also provide flexibility. Fine-tune the intensity of the presets to match your unique vision, allowing you to maintain creative control over your final result.

Don’t let the editing process overshadow your love for capturing breathtaking landscapes. With the HDR Glow Preset, you can achieve stunning results effortlessly and create a gallery that will leave your viewers in awe. Elevate your landscape photography game today – it’s just one click away!



Dreamscapes By Brennen – HDR Glow Preset

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